Angels Voices

Here are some comments from Angels parents who have participated in our Angels Parent program:

“Being a foster family is both challenging and rewarding. Our family fell in love with our foster daughter right away, but we were committed to helping her reunify with her family if at all possible. Fostering comes with new experiences and many emotions. The support and guidance we received from Angels helped us tremendously throughout the fostering process. Already parents of three children when we were originally certified, our intent was not adoption, but rather fostering. However, we loved the baby who was entrusted to us and when she needed a home, we were honored to become her forever family. Many people ask us why we have chosen to foster again. The answer is easy - there is a need and we are partnered with a wonderful agency.”
- A.H. & J.H., Santa Maria

“We are currently involved with our second placement and there are two things we eagerly share with others as we tell them about our work with Angels. Our whole family (siblings included) has a caring and supportive relationship with the Angels team. We also feel so appreciative for the training we received prior to placement as it was crucial to preparing us for the realities of fostering. We are cared for and supported and that in turn allows us to better care for our children, foster, biological and adopted.”
- K.C & J.C., Solvang

“Being a foster parent has been the hardest, yet the most fulfilling thing we have ever done. We know other foster parents in the area, and the one thing that is strikes us time and time again, is that the level of support Angels Foster Care gives to their families is absolutely extraordinary. Without Angels, we would have never had the opportunity to be a loving, stable influence on our former foster children’s lives. ”
- D.W. & T.W., Lompoc

“Going through Angels Foster Care to later adopt two of our children has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of our lives! They made the foster care process so easy to navigate and were with us every step of the way. We felt so informed and supported. The social workers with Angels are the very best in the field! We are forever grateful to Angels for impacting our lives in such a meaningful way.”
- D.Y. & A.Y., Santa Maria

“Fostering a child has been the most rewarding and most painful thing we have ever done and it changes you. I personally never would have seen myself doing this two years ago, but now having been exposed to these children, the system and how Angels is trying to make it work better we can’t see ourselves not. You have to experience it to fully understand and how fundamentally different the Angels approach is.”
- S.R. & G.B., Santa Barbara

“When we started thinking about becoming foster parents we were nervous about the children, their backgrounds and all of the legal requirements. Fortunately, the wonderful staff at Angels helped us to understand the process right away. They put our unfounded fears at ease. Most importantly, they helped us focus on what truly matters: helping young children find love in difficult circumstances. ”
- R.F. & S.F., Santa Barbara

“We love knowing that our agency is there to support us every step of the way, no matter what. ”
- R.S. & M.S., Santa Maria

“When I look at the sweet little girl entrusted to us, I often think about how different our lives would have been if we had not had the chance for our lives to become entwined. What I do know for certain is that we have been able to survive this confusing and emotional process because of the support from Angels. Fostering is not for sissies. But the best part of the whole process is in knowing that we are giving a precious child a stable and loving environment in which to grow, while Angels takes care of the legal details, keeps us informed, and offers moral support and encouragement when times are tough.”
- P.B., Lompoc