Every Child Deserves a FamilyEvery Child Deserves a Family

The primary goal of the foster care system and Juvenile Court is to reunite children with their biological parent(s) and family. Unfortunately, this outcome is not always possible. Approximately 50% of the infants and toddlers placed in Angels homes over the past years have been adopted because the Juvenile Court could not safely return them to their biological parent(s). Due to the young age of the children in the Angels program, when reunification is not successful, adoption is the preferred plan.

Adopting Your Angels Child

When reunification fails and one of our Angels resource families chooses to adopt their foster child, we work with Child Welfare Services to ensure a smooth transition from fostering to adoption. Child Welfare Services waives the adoption home study fee for families who have fostered a child. Angels continues to provide support to each family and child throughout the adoption process.